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The Holy Family in Egypt

 the holy family

The coming of Jesus Christ and the Holy Family to Egypt of the most important events that took place on the ground repeated his Gallic in its long history, Fberouh prophecy of view Hosea the prophet Jesus Christ springboard from Bethlehem, where he has no where to lay his head in all of Jerusalem, for recourse to the land of Egypt, and finds his subject in the hearts of the illiterate and this spoken of prophecy - Out of Egypt have I called my son.
خريطة مصر
Map of EgyptIn more detail Bhdtna Isaiah the prophet in his evangelical about this trip holy says: "It is The Lord riding on a swift cloud and is coming to Egypt, shivering idols of Egypt from his face and melts the heart of Egypt within and this is what happened when it was Christ enters any city in Egypt, was idols fall in temples and broken, Vijav people of this event is not uncommon and dismayed.
An icon showing Jesus Christ sitting on the throne  Coptic museum

An icon showing Jesus Christ sitting on the throne Coptic museumThe entry of Jesus Christ land of Egypt, a large pond to the land and its people, Fbspbha Lord said "Blessed is Egypt My people" (Isaiah 19:25), and because of it has prophecy of Isaiah argument: ".. will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt is the altar of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary ancient monastery Muharraq Amer, where the Holy Family stayed in this place more than six months in full, and the surface of the altar is the stone which he slept by the Savior of the Child.Muharraq Monastery is located in the middle of the land of Egypt completely from all directions, as in the land abounded Musraly extension churches, especially in ". Places visited by the Holy Family and blessed.Holy Family into EgyptOutput Yusuf Sheikh of the land of Palestine, as his angel, and came up with the Blessed Virgin Mary riding on a donkey carrying in her arms the Lord Jesus was unanimous in all Eastern and Western traditions to the Virgin Mary rode a donkey, and walked Yusuf side ass clutching Bmcodh as used usually in the Orient.Were not Holy Family to the land of Egypt an easy task, but came arduous journey filled with pain and honoraria, marched through the Virgin Mary carrying the baby Jesus, along with Joseph bar, through the wilderness of harsh cross deserts and plateaus and valleys mobile from place to place, and there were many dangers confronted, there beasts that were threatening their lives in the wild during the march in the desert, where they usually travelers to travel because without groups provide protection for the convoy be hope of deliverance weak.

An icon of St.Demiana The Church of Abu Sefien Old Cairo
An icon of St.Demiana The Church of Abu Sefien Old Cairo

The column, which at its border is the chair of St. Mark the Apostle Mufti of Egypt, it is the column that stop steadfast in Alexandria on the border of Egypt North and the basis of her church apostolic, and the visit of Jesus Christ to Egypt is the boot real coming of St. Mark the Apostle to Egypt and the establishment of the Church of Alexandria, Sri religiosity to all people became devout people of Egypt God knows the right spiritual knowledge and worshiped the right to worship even complemented prophecy. "Shall know the Lord in Egypt and the Egyptians knew the Lord ... and offer a sacrifice and offering.
 The Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt

عصارة العنب بالدير
The Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt

Grape juice monasteryAccording to historical sources, Coptic and most important Mimr Pope Theophilus (23) Pope of Alexandria (384-412 AD), there were three possible ways to behave traveler from Palestine to Egypt at that time, but the Holy Family when it came from Palestine to Egypt did not behave any of the three well-known methods, but they have followed another path of its own. This is obvious because they are fleeing from the evil King Herod resorted to the path is known ways, led by the Lord and his angel where this road is mentioned Synaxarium Coptic taking for vision Pope Theiovljes which the record in known Mimrh.

Family holy area Zaranik and Farma
نفحات من الفن القبطى

Whiff of Coptic artHoly Family went from Bethlehem to Gaza, even protected Zaranik west of El-Arish to 37 km, and entered Egypt through the northern side of the hand Farma (Bloziom) located between Arish Mdnita and Port Said.

Holy Family entry Basta City - Eastern Province
 كيسة السيدة العذراء بجبل الطير سمالوط
Mary Mount cyst bird SamaloutHoly Family entered the city of Tel Basta (Basta) near the city of Zagazig Sharkia, and away from the city of Cairo, about 100 km from the north-east. And the emission of Jesus Christ spring of water, and was filled with بالأوثان city, and when you enter the city of the Holy Family of idols fell to the ground, فأساء her family treated the Holy Family I left the city and headed towards the south Holy Family.

Holy Family in the town of Mostorod
سلالم من سرداب كنيسة مارى جرجس مسطرد
\Stairs from the crypt of the Church of Mary Girgis Mostorod
I left the Holy Family of Tel Basta (Basta) heading towards the south until they reached the town of Mostorod (pyrogen), and away from the city of Cairo about 10 kilometers and the word pyrogen meaning place of showers, so called because the Virgin Mary Ahmet there Jesus and washed his clothes, and the return of the Holy Family passed also Mostorod, and emission of Jesus Christ of his glory spring water still exists to this day.

Holy Family in Belbais City
أيقونات بكنيسة السيدة العذراء ببلبيس
Church of the Virgin Mary icons Bbulbas

It Mostorod holy family moved north towards the east to the city of Belbeis of the Eastern Province, and away from the city of Cairo about 55 km almost and Astzlt of the Holy Family at the tree, known as the "Tree of the Virgin Mary," The Holy Family passed on Belbais also in re-entry.
Holy Family in Samanoud City
منظر داخلى بكنيسة مارى جرجس ببلبيس
Interior view of the Church of Mary Girgis BbulbasIt Belbais deported Holy Family in the north to the town of Monia within Wad - Monia suite of Monia Samanoud crossed the Holy Family Nile River to the city of Samanoud (Jmnote - Zbh published) within the Delta, and they were received by its people well received Fbarkhm Jesus Christ his glory and there are Major large granite stone , said that the Virgin Mary kneaded him during its existence, and there is also a water well blessed by Mr. himself.

Holy Family in the city of Sakha
أناء التعميد بكنيسة العذراء سخا
Baptism Church of the Virgin vase SakhaThe feet of Jesus Christ appeared on a stone, and it took the city its name in Coptic, this stone has been concealed for a long time for fear of theft in some time - and discovered this second stone of about 13 years only.
مائدة الطعام القديمة بالدير
Ancient monastery dining tableIf the Holy Family has embarked on the road during the functioning of natural hand Samanoud to the city of Sakha, should they have passed on many of the country's western province of Kafr El-Sheikh, and some say they crossed on the way in Belqas wilds.

Holy Family in Wadi Natrun
كنيسة الدير من الداخل

Monastery church from the insideIt is the city of Sakha Holy Family crossed the River Nile (Rosetta branch) to the west of the Delta, and moved south to Wadi Natrun (Alasagat), Park has Jesus and his mother Mary this place.

Holy Family valuable Matareya area and Ain Shams and olives
كنيسة مارى جرجس الزيتون
Mary Girgis Church olivesIt Wadi Natrun Holy Family traveled south on the city of Cairo, and crossed the Nile River to the East Nahabh rain-fed and hand-bound Ain Shams and Matareya area is near the Ain Shams (Heliopolis - EN) and away from the city of Cairo about 10 km away.

الشجرة المقدسة
The sacred treeIn this decade, Ain Shams was inhabited by a large number of Jews and had them Temple Temple Onaas called In Matareya Astzlt Holy Family under the tree is known to this day - a tree Mary and Jesus emission springs of water and drink from it, and blessed him.
حجاب السيدة العذراء بكنيسة مارى جرجس القاهرة
Veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary Girgis Church CairoThen I washed the Blessed Virgin Clothing Child Jesus and poured water on the ground sprang up valuable that spot aromatic plant with a nice smell is known بنبات the Balsam ah balm Bivonh a to the types of perfumes and spices, which makes them the Holy Chrism.The area of ​​rain-fed and Ain Shams Holy Family went hand-bound ancient Egypt and relieved of the Holy Family for a period of olives on her way to ancient Egypt.

Holy Family in the center of Cairo and ancient Egypt
مدخل كاتدرائية سان مارك بالازباكية وسط القاهرة
Entrance to San Mark Balazbakih the Cathedral in central Cairo

كاتدرائية سان مارك بالازباكية وسط القاهرة
As for the downtown area of ​​Cairo are found out:Church of Our Lady of archaeological sailors Zuwaila the
مدخل لكنيسة مارى جرجس في باب زويلة وسط القاهرة

Entrance to the Church of Mary Girgis in Zuwaila door downtown CairoMartyr George ChurchChurch of St. Mercurius Abu SevenMonastery of Our Lady of the SistersSt. George's Monastery of the SistersClot Bey area:Greater St. Mark Church Balozpkah your PklotThe headquarters of the monasteries and the churches multipleAnd arrived at the Holy Family to ancient Egypt, and the area is considered ancient Egypt of the most important areas and stations that befell the Holy Family on its journey to the land of Egypt, and there are many churches and monasteries have been blessed this region the presence of the Holy Family, has been unable to Holy Family to stay there only days few, Due to Crash idols provoking it and to Fustat wanted to kill the boy Jesus, and the Church of St. Sergius (Abu سرجة) out of the cave (grotto) that Joa to the Holy Family and is considered one of the most important features of the ancient Holy Family in Egypt.And we will cite the churches of the Fortress of Babylon - Ancient Egypt:Church of St. Sergius (Abu sarga)

Church of the Virgin famous outstandingChurch of Santa Barbara
كنيسة القديسة بربارا من الداخل  مصر القديمة
St. Barbara's Church from the inside of ancient EgyptMar Girgis Church (Palace of Wax)Church of the Virgin as the famous short basil

St. George's Monastery of the Sisters
أيكونة دير سان جورج مارى جيرجس بمصر القديمة
Oakona St. George's Monastery Mary Gerges, Egypt, ancientFortress of Babylon and the Coptic MuseumAnd the Church of St. George the GreekBen Ezra SynagogueThe existing churches in Fustat - Ancient Egypt:Church of St. Mercurius, also known as Abu SevenShenouda ChurchChurch of Our Lady known Baldamisharia theDeir Abi Seven SistersChurch of Our Lady - Papillon stairsChurch of Prince Tadros Mashreqi,
كنيسة الملاك القبلي من الداخل  مصر القديمة
Church of St. Mina Zahra Ancient EgyptAbaker Church and John

Holy Family in a hostile area
كنيسة السيدة العذراء بالمعادي
Church of Our Lady in MaadiHoly Family traveled from ancient Egypt area facing the south, where he arrived to a hostile area - a suburb of Memphis - the capital of ancient Egypt.The Holy Family took off in the Nile sailboat heading toward the south (country level), of the spot on which the now Church of Our Lady known Baltah, because of them crossed the (promised) to the Nile Holy Family on their journey to and from the level came hostile Name. Stone still peace that descended upon the Holy Family to the bank of the Nile is present and has a shrine open courtyard of the Church.It is strange events that occurred at this church, that in on Friday Baramhat 3 12 March 1976, found an open Bible on the Book of the Prophet Isaiah Chapter 19: 25 -: "Blessed is Egypt My people." Afloat on the surface of the water in the area in front of the Church of the Nile waters.

Holy Family in village of Deir Jernos, Maghagha
كنيسة السيدة العذراء بدير الجرنوس  مغاغة
Church of Our Lady Monastery Jernos MaghaghaHoly Family arrived village of Deir Jernos (Deir Jernos) at a distance of 10 km west Ashanin Christians Maghagha center and next to the western wall of the Church of the Virgin Mary there is a deep well, tradition says that the Holy Family drank from it.

بئر بدير الجرنوس  مغاغة  المنيا
Holy Family in Bahnasa

حجاب الهيكل بكنيسة دير البرشا  المنيا
Veil of the temple the Church of Deir Barsha MinyaHoly Family passed the spot called Abay ايسوس (Jesus House) east Albhsna and place now village Sndfa - Beni Mazar, and a current Bahnasa village located at a distance of 17 km west of Beni Mazar.

Holy Family Jebel bird east Samalout
كنيسة مارى جرجس  بجبل الطاير  بسمالوط  المنيا

Mary Girgis Church Jebel Tayer
Samalout of MinyaHoly Family traveled of town Bahnasa hand south to the town of Samalout, including the Nile crossed to the east where the Virgin now stands Diralsidh the Jebel bird (Akors) east of Samalut, this monastery is located south of infectious Bani Khaled approximately 2 km. Where family settled بالمغارة the in archaeological Church.
حجاب السيدة العذراء بكنيسة البارشا المنيا
Veil of the Virgin Mary Church albrsha MinyaKnown as Jebel bird because thousands of birds Albokirs meet it and also called Jebel stop where it is stated adherence to the Coptic that the Holy Family which is next to the mountain almost a large rock from the mountain to fall on them, put forth the Lord Jesus his hand, and to prevent the rock from falling فامتنعت, and imprinted his hand on the rock.The Jebel Ali Abed bird treeOn the way the Holy Family passed tree high لبخ (laurel tree), a distance of 2 km south of Mount bird, next to the road next to the Nile, and the mountain of Mount connector bird to catarrh Obeid to Minya new bridge. It is said that this tree worship of Jesus Christ, his glory, and find that all its branches down to the ground and then rising again in securities called green by Abed tree.
Holy Family continue its journey south
مغارة بكنيسة السيدة العذراء بجبل الطير سمالوط  المنيا

Church of the Virgin Mary Grotto Jebel bird Samalout MinyaHoly Family left Jebel birds and crossed the Nile from the east to the west side, and headed towards Ashmunein second place in this town many wonders, and fell Othanha, and blessed Holy Family Ashmunein.Holy Family town Dayrout, the Sharif AssiutMonastery of Our Lady Bderot Sharif AssiutHoly Family traveled from Ashmunein and headed south about 20 km the Dayrout hand-Sharif - Phyllis.Holy Family town Qsagam, theHoly Family traveled from Dayrout Sharif to Qsagam (Qwest Qusia) where the fallen idol idol crashes, the people outside the city and this city has become a desolation.

Holy Family in the town of Mir

Holy Family fled from the village Qsagam and headed towards the town of Mir (Mira) is located 7 km west of the Qusiya, Mir Akram people of the Holy Family during their presence in the town, and blessed the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin.Holy Family Mount Qsagam the

Holy Family in the town of Ashmunein Malawi

دير المحرج بأسيوط

Der embarrassing AssiutThis monastery is located in the western foot of the mountain better known Mount Qsagam. Relative to the ruined city, and is about 12 km west of the town Qusiya in the province of Assiut, 327 km south of Cairo.Holy Family stayed around for about six months and ten days, in the cave, which later became a temple of the Church of the Virgin Mary in the archaeological western side of the monastery. And the altar of this nickname large stone was sitting by the Lord Jesus Christ.

مدخل كنيسة السيدة العذراء بدير المحرق
Entrance to the Church of the Virgin Mary in Deir Al MuharraqIn this monastery, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph Sheikh in a dream, saying: "Arise and take the young child and his mother and go to the land of Israel because he has died who were asking the same boy" - Mt.

أيقونة بكنيسة السيدة العذراء جبل درونكا

Icon of the Church of Our Lady of Mount DronkaThen arrived to ancient Egypt and then Matareya then pyrogen including the Sinai to Palestine, where the lives of St. Joseph and the Holy Family in the village of Nazareth in Galilee.

مناظر داخلية بكنيسة السيدة الع السيدة العذراء جبل درونكا

Internal views of the Church of the Virgin wor Ms. Mount DronkaThus ended the journey of suffering, which lasted more than three years back and forth cut the distance of more than two thousand kilometers, and a means Moaslathm only ride ships sometimes in the Nile, and thus cut off most of the way on foot potential tired to walk, and free summer and winter cold and hunger, thirst and chase each place, was an arduous journey in every sense of the word bear Jesus as a child with his mother Mary and St. Joseph joy for us.Mubarak is Egypt My peopleAshiaa 19:25Rejoice and O Egypt and the people of Egypt and her children and all the boundaries, it may come to you loving humans object before ages "Zksologih of the twenty-fourth day from month Bashans (June 1), in this day of the Coptic Church celebrates Christ's entry into the land of Egypt.On the way back have gone in the way of their last veered slightly to the south to Mount Assiut (commonly Jebel Drnkh) and blessed the Holy Family, was built as the Virgin Mary Monastery is located at a distance of 8 km southwest of Assiut.