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Aswan, the southern gateway to Egypt

Approaching the population of the city of Aswan than 300,000 people makes it the largest city in the province of Aswan and also its capital . Is the southern gateway to Egypt , located exactly at the first cataract of the Nile. Rooted foot and was designated by the ancient Egyptians as " Sonu ", ie " the market." It is natural to call this name as it was a center of Aswan convoys coming to and from the heart . In the Ptolemaic era, were named "O" , and then he called the Nubians " Lipa Swan ." Aswan was also known as the " gold country " , where they serve as a great treasure , and the burial place of the kings of Nubia . After the Islamic conquest of Nubia inhabited by some Arab tribes , after the population was up to that time of the Nubians only . From the beautiful and rare things that got them in ancient times , it was the place in which he denied the theory of Eratosthenes Flatland , was first held the account for the Earth's circumference , an anchor to the " Seine " and Alexandria terminal point . What distinguishes them and Aswan with a special place in Egypt as a tourist town and archaeological deservedly , where you find them , and particularly the large numbers of foreign tourists , especially Europe and East Asia . Among the most important tourist landmarks " the Elephantine Island " , an island of Aswan interview , and mentioned in the Egyptian manuscripts as " Abu ", ie the age of the elephant , and then became the headquarters of the ivory trade . In the temple of the island today , " Khanom " , and next to him , " a measure of the Nile" and " sacred cemetery ram " and the gate of King Amenhotep II and Trinity Sataat and cursed . The dam, which was built in the time of Nasser Jamal Heb given strategic importance for the whole of Egypt , and behind the dam formed Lake Nasser , which extends from Aswan and even the Sudanese border , where stocks make up this lake water giant . And is characterized by a climate of Aswan Bhrarth , and is the largest Egyptian city dominated by hot, dry climate . In its weather is mild winter , but no rain at all. The Aswan from more cities in the world hotter and drier and located the tomb of the Aga Khan above the plateau at the west bank of the River Nile , opposite the southern section of the Botanical Garden , where built there Mohammad Shah Hussieny Aga Khan III, the cemetery luxury of limestone and marble , and was buried there in 1959 , according to recommended . This has inspired the design of the cemetery of the Fatimid Egyptian tombs . The Nubia Museum , opened in 1997 , in which more than 5,000 artifacts from the ancient monuments of Nubia . Aswan city occupied an important position in the south of Egypt since ancient times . It has played a major role in the resistance of the Hyksos , and constructed temples where many major task for the gods prevailed in earlier eras such as " Isis ." Rolled out of the Christian and Islamic religions , and so turned to the center of a large Christian form the base of the Nubia and Sudan and southern Egypt . It features prominent tourist and worth a visit : the island of plants ( tropical garden International ) , Philae , Temple of Abu Simbel, the tombs of the nobles rulers of Nubia , the first military school was established by Muhammad Ali , the Fatimid tombs and the Temple of Kom Ombo north of the city . Besides Aswan Aswan International Airport is located . The train and bus services are available. And used taxis and " Altktk " ( light vehicles Bagelin resemble Alrikashh Indian ) to navigate the city.

Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh ( " Sharm " in short ) is a very popular tourist city in Egypt and the Arab world and also foreign , thanks to its location and its climate and its beaches . The largest city in the province of South Sinai and the installations and facilities and tourist resorts , always constitutes a shrine and major tourist regiments from around the world . Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh of the most attractive events , which is one of the three places allocated to dive in Egypt , which is well-known in this area on a global level . It is also an excellent area for surfing, which he does a lot of tourists there. Sharm el-Sheikh is situated at the confluence of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea , where the beaches are offset by Saudi Arabia , and aligns there are islands of Tiran and Sanafir . It did not take this tourist city more than ten years to evolve from a small village to a tourist town where today nearly 150 hotels and resorts , and restaurants Eastern and Western cities , cafes and entertainment . In Sharm el-Sheikh will also find nightclubs and a casino. In addition to these outstanding properties , the juxtaposition of Sharm el-Sheikh Mahmytan Ras Mohamed natural lagoons are natural to the south and between Nabq Sharm and Dahab . The wild safari with Sinai Bedouins are prominent tourist activities in Sharm . In Sharm El Sheikh international airport , and there is an international street linking the Gulf of Suez and Aqaba , and his condition is good , but a desert road and has a one track for each direction . Sharm el-Sheikh are known as the "City of Peace " , where selected by UNESCO among the top five cities peace at the international level . It is also the city of international conferences and summits since long years . Sharm el-Sheikh is famous for its famous Bkhalejeha , a Naama Bay . What makes this Gulf area attractive and beautiful is that the Gulf naturally and is located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa , and therefore it is considered a major tourist center , where they find the complexes , markets and restaurants , as well as nightclubs .

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Dubai - Emirates state

The city of Dubai Emirate and a revival in modern infrastructure and modern at all levels , as witnessed in the recent large-scale projects and a giant by any standards , most notably the Burj Khalifa , the Dubai Land and Business Bay and Burj Al Arab

Dubai, the capital of the Emirate of Dubai ; one of the emirates United Arab Emirates , is the largest emirate after Abu Dhabi. Considered the economic capital of the UAE , its economy and the lack of active free tax system played a key role in attracting investors from all over the world . Financial income is limited to only oil , but also on trade , real estate, financial services and tourism as well. This is a great achievement for the state was founded in the thirties of the nineteenth century ( in 1833 ) , where he settled hundreds of Al Maktoum in the area of ​​the creek that was just a natural harbor for the region , and the region was known for fishing and pearl trade . Dubai has emerged as a port always a central and active , its climate is very hot , especially in summer , and the wind is saturated with moisture . In contrast, mild winters and warm at night. In terms of tourism , the " Dubai Shopping Festival " is an annual major event at the level of the Arabian Gulf , The number of Arab tourists to Dubai more than three million tourists a year , of whom 1.5 million from the Arab Gulf countries . Based gravitational attractions in Dubai on shopping and attractions of historical and contemporary in, which is known as the " shopping capital of the Middle East " , where there are more than 70 shopping mall ( Mall ) , including the largest mall in the whole world which is " The Dubai Mall " , along with large markets . Dubai transport network is characterized by a huge wild Asabha highways in the wider world , as there are network bridges and tunnels included external and on the banks of the creek , along with a huge fleet of buses and taxis advanced . Since the 40-year evolution of the Dubai Airport to become today one of the largest airports in the world . Dubai has the largest airline in the world, " Emirates " . There is also a network in Dubai Metro began its work in 2009 , where the Dubai Metro automatic largest of its kind in the world. It also contains the subway on special places for women and children only , and places dedicated to people with special needs . What distinguishes the city of Dubai in terms of geography is a tongue of water inside the land and named " Dubai Creek " , and people move between Hqih by abra ( small boat ) , and the recently launched Dubai water bus , and water taxi .

Tourism in Ankara, the capital of the Turkish state

The origin of the name of the city of Ankara to the word " Onkira " Greek , which means anchor the ship , which is today the capital of the Turkish state and the second largest city after Istanbul . More than the population of Ankara about 4 million people, which is centered on the Anatolian plateau in the middle of Turkey , since more than 10,000 years , which was inhabited by ancient man then successively by Alhatheon and Hittites and Alfrejeon and Allidion and Alokhmignon Persians and Macedonians , and the Chaldeans , Romans, Byzantines and Seljuks , Mongols and Ottomans in the 14th century . Ankara and gained importance in ancient times as a result of its location at the crossroads of Anatolia.

Ankara continental climate is very cold in the winter, so snow , while summer may be hot and dry climates . Therefore, the tourists prefer months June through September / September to visit the city and go to the tomb of Kemal Ataturk , the founder of the Turkish Republic , where the museum is open every day except Monday . Featuring Ankara archeological sites prominent , including: Ankara Castle , the oldest part of Ankara, where many models for engineering traditional ; Roman theater ; Augustus Temple Rome elegant located in the district of Ulus old ; Roman baths , a Roman classic in terms of its building and subdivisions ; and Victory Monument which was built years 1927 represents Ataturk in uniform .

Ankara is witnessing nowadays always expanding flavored contemporary and modern. It also notes that many of the main streets became crowded cafes and restaurants , especially in the area Kiziala (Kizilay) active . The serious Ataturk in Ankara stand out as a tourist central and crowded. The Ulus area (Ulus Meydani) is also an important tourist area , where the area is located close to a number of museums and the possibilities of sleep and stay , along with restaurants costly . If you are looking for the tourist information center in Ankara in this region it is offset completely the metro station in Maltepe Akaray serious Ghazi Mostafa Kamel .

The shopping favorite among foreign tourists are old shops in Aukushi Hiklekshalar ( trail weavers ) next Ulus , and where traditional fabrics and hand-woven carpets and leather products . It also has Bakirsalar Hirschysa ( Bazaar coppersmiths ) especially popular . The modern shopping centers are in Kizilay or Tunali Hilmi Street , and include the status of " Kaarom " modern revelation Atakule Tower in Cankaya .

Transportation in Ankara depends on the bus , metro and taxis. Valhafelat cheap , although it is very congested , which is of two types: a bus service in the entire Ankara (Belediye Otobüsü) , a red or blue . The second type of bus called Otobüsü a green ( bunk ) or blue . The subway is a very Mrihan two major roads , and it can travel by bus ticket as well, and the metro works from six in the morning until midnight . The taxis are yellow , as in all parts of Turkey , and the word taksi.

Doha is the capital of the State of Qatar

Doha is the capital of the State of Qatar

 And its vibrant and more prosperous cities of the Arab world . Population of more than half a million people , and enjoy the beautiful coastline and extended overlooking the Arabian Gulf . Concentrated where governance institutions , government departments , financial institutions and businesses. A large harbor and airport sophisticated and modern. Built on the Doha Bay and the sea date back to its founding in 1686 AD in the area of innovation that has been central in the history of Qatar, the old , and the first agreement signed confession by virtue of Qatar in 1868, with Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani . Between Doha and fads , which differ in architecture and nature , there is the top of the Qlatan one on a rocky shelf and the other inside the town itself . The city of Doha exceptional and strange in terms of its population today , Most are foreigners ( India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt and North Africa , East Asia and other Western countries ) , what constitutes a minority in which Qataris . Because of the rapid growth of the city arrive each month tens of thousands of new immigrants , creating a severe shortage of housing . From the outskirts of Doha, the most important Dafna Taatattabr which contains the most important areas where high-rise towers . And alongside Dahita Rayyan and Khalifa City and The Pearl . The project " The Pearl Qatar " is a series of artificial islands that form an integrated city on the shore of Doha, which you can find a number of residential towers, shopping malls and beach fascinating . And adjoins the " pearl " of North Lusail City project . And composed " The Pearl " from the ten regions each with its own special character according to the model buildings , whether a beach front villas or villas or apartments Haddaúqah . These areas are: Porto Arabia , Viva freely, Costa Malaz , Isola Dana , Alcartier , La Plage Villas , Grand Villas and sea cruise . And dwell in the project " The Pearl " nearly thirty thousand people , an area very distinct at the level of the whole world . Saw Doha and other cities and regions in Qatar renovations and repairs to monuments and cultural . It has been the revival of the old markets in Souq Waqif , which is located downtown buildings bear the architectural character heritage where he finds roaming around this market works literal addition to foods , fabrics and traditional artwork . It also highlights the Doha ( Qatar ) pearl industry where natural pearls and over thousands of years a valuable treasure due to its beauty and rarity , and form the backbone of Qatar's economy . Was nearly 13,000 men working on more than 800 boat and sail three times a year and spend more than 6 months at sea . Abound in Doha mosques and modern buildings , which turned out to be a milestone her . Here are some historical and cultural monuments in Doha : Museum of Islamic Art : Arts reflects the vitality and depth of the Islamic world and its diversity , bringing together business and world-class creations , and artistic creations reservation of three continents and 13 centuries and is considering offering . Today the museum is a center for information , research and innovation , which aims to reach a broad international audience and serve as a hub for dialogue and cultural exchange . Qatar National Museum : The museum consists of a palace complex construction dates back to 1901, which consists of three independent houses was used by the then ruler , Sheikh Abdullah Bin Qassim Al-Thani and his sons . The museum is now undergoing a process of restoration includes all new galleries and small lake and Maritime Museum ( Aquarium ) . The site has a museum in itself is of particular importance where the buildings are located on the Corniche in Doha, facing the lake shore that distinguish the original . Museum of Photography : he designed the Museum of Photography , which fully built soon , architect Santiago Calatrava, one of the most international architects , and this museum will become one of the unique features of the sign within the urban landscape , and will contribute to the urban development of the area , which is located where the center of the city of Doha . The government will show the group consisting of about 15,000 pieces including cameras and accessories and old photographs of famous and albums from the sixties of the last century and historical documents as well as offers contemporary. Heritage Library : library consists Arab and Islamic heritage in diameter than 51,000 book in Arabic and other languages ​​on Qatar and the Middle East in addition to the old map 600 and 2,000 manuscripts and 6,000 original photograph . There is also a center Waqif Art Gallery and Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and Rumaila Park and other centers . Also known as the city of Doha organizing the 2006 Asian Games , which was the largest Asian Games in the world join up to the minute . As was the Doha Capital of Arab Culture in 2010 .

Ergalh the port of Tyre in Lebanon

I have resisted the city of Tyre Alexander the Great himself ! This city, which constitute a peninsula on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea , is the most famous metropolises throughout history , where she played a role during the period of the Phoenician Vsatrt on maritime trade and settlement constructed Carthage in Tunisia . City Jabara , enterprising and courageous position and formed Mvsalitin force in the history of the region out of date. Photos away from Beirut about 85 kilometers , is located between Sidon and Acre , surrounded by a narrow coastal plain extends to Mount factor . Photos famous for its water comes from fresh springs of Ras al-Ain and Rashidiya springs and spring Bakbouk appointed Aabrine then the Litani River ( Qasimia ) . Do you start planning a tour this spring ? Stated in the old contract for its strength and Jportha old, and all the historians and writers sing with excellence and unrivaled . Begins its recorded history and documented for more than 1,000 years before the birth, then passes through the siege of Alexander the Great , and then the Romans Pfterthm rich , then the Umayyads who founded the house of the maritime industry , and then successively described among Arab travelers during the Abbasid era , until the steadfastness legendary in the face of invasion Crusader . Adorned with old pictures and a long history which has raised several successive periods of all Kaligriv , Byzantines, Arabs and Ottomans. The work of the Lebanese state since tens of years to detect these effects , including the Khan al-Ashqar , and installations Romanian , Byzantine and remnants of piers harbor Phoenician south , along with the remnants of the Cathedral Photos Crusades , and the street the great Roman broken arc great victory and Aqueduct water and field race horse carriages . Photos also characterized by its markets as well as the old Ottoman Khan and Al owned a home , a mosque, a Shiite sect domes and magnificent architecture . Archaeological sites open their doors to visitors throughout the week , and are filled with pictures best restaurants offering seafood and Lebanese dishes and cafes along the harbor.

Fujairah City is the capital of the Emirate

Fujairah City is the capital of the Emirate of Fujairah and the headquarters of the government and government departments . This ancient city , and as old as history , where it was before the birth of Christ, "the land of the giants ," a first stop for the migration of the Phoenicians to the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula . Like other cities in the United Arab Emirates rolled out of the developments and changes since the mid- sixty years of the last century , and is today the center of economic and trade prominent , Includes since 1996 Center Fujairah Exhibition , also achieved city of Fujairah successful investment in several sectors formed an attraction for business in the Gulf and the Middle East . In the city of Fujairah International Airport is " Fujairah International Airport " and the port of Fujairah , namely the two centers are very important in terms of trade and exchange between the Arab region and the Far East . She also has Fujairah Municipality secure environment and atmosphere are good for tourism and trade , fungus significant improvement on the basic services in the field of environmental pollution and limit the development of tourism . There is also interest in pointing out to the sea and its resources , which established three marine protected areas to preserve the fisheries rare , which is famous for its East Coast , and the protection of coral reefs , rocks and shells and colorful landscapes in the depths of the sea , and all these things appeal to lovers of diving and the sea. From the famous tourist centers in the city of Fujairah : Garden "Eye spent the sulfur " and " eye Algmor " sulfur , and Ahfrh Wurayah and waterfalls , and Oouhlh Albutna and locked , and to her public parks and hotel and tourism projects . All this prepared her for hosting the World Championship rounds powerboat , and this is accompanied by a sophisticated infrastructure . It also enjoys the city of Fujairah Corniche Street, today the beautiful and distinctive . The city of Fujairah from Dubai nearly two hours by car , can also be easily accessible from neighboring Oman . There is a continuous movement of buses between Dubai and Fujairah ( almost every hour ) , and there is the movement of taxis are also active . Fujairah City is not particularly friendly to pedestrians , and the way in which the dominant movement is taxis. Effects of which remained in Fujairah castle ( fort ) located outside the city , and there in Fujairah Museum of the history and heritage of the city and the emirate. As for those who wish to swim it is best to go to the city of Deepa ( 30 km from Fujairah ) which is characterized by good beaches . You can also hire a boat from the city of Fujairah and exit to cruise among the islands very beautiful Omani scattered around the city.

Muscat, capital of Oman

If you want to do a trip to a beautiful place that knows the cleanest place in the Arab world, home is the place you are looking for. Available in this city, and several museums of contemporary cinema houses, shopping malls and restaurants, you see a normal panel drawn gone viewers.

Dead Sea

Nothing in the world is like a water surface of the Dead Sea : record decline from the surface of the sea , brackish waters, although they feed on the fresh waters of the Jordan River . Although renamed , which was launched by the lack of organisms in it, it is alive and rich sea salts and minerals that make up the enormous wealth utilized in industry and medicine and treatment. Waters are rich Dead Sea salts and mud extracted from successful treatment of many skin diseases , as well as ease of swimming in it because of the high salinity in the water , where no human needs to the knowledge of the art of swimming . One does not drown in the Dead Sea ! Salts of sodium, potassium , manganese and bromine is the secret of this place is attracting tourists from all over the earth . The area of ​​the Dead Sea in 2002.650 square kilometers . Has reached a length of time to 67 km and width 18 km , and the depth at the deepest point of 380 meters (ie, 800 meters below sea level ) . As a result of the ongoing drought , the subsequent sea level of water in it and a total area of permanent decline . For comparison , the British Antdabah map of 1930 indicated that the area was 1,038 square kilometers , and a length of 76-78 km and width of 17.5 km . The Dead Sea is the third saltier sea and lake in the world , after Lake Don Juan in Antarctica and Lake Assal in Djibouti . Was launched by the name " Dead Sea " to the inability of the organisms or fish to live in it, the salinity of its waters , salinity and this is the first and main characteristic of this place. The Dead Sea is located in a low deep incision is part of the Syrian African , according to geological theory , it was in the past part of the lake and the wide spread sweet water on the Jordan Valley and the Jezreel Valley and poured into the Mediterranean Sea . The easiest way to gain access to the Dead Sea in terms of transportation in Jordan are traveling from Amman . There are buses out of the station to Sowayma immigrants in the Dead Sea . This bus back to Amman and from there another bus that runs from the Dead Sea to Amman at 16:00 pm . There is also a bus from Madaba passing through Mount Nebo, then across the Barn and ending in Suema . There are several daily buses on this line and the time required to get through it is less than one hour . The Barn can travel to Amman so that you can travel by bus from Amman to the Dead Sea to Madaba ( or vice versa ) in one day if you wish . There are no buses between Petra and the Dead Sea . Changed climate in the Dead Sea , according to the seasons. Can Temperatures during the tourist season to rise significantly , and may reach 40 degrees Celsius , while it is only 30 degrees in the spring. The average number of days Alsahih and sunny (no rain ) 330 days a year , while the rain falls in a few days during the winter. Although the Dead Sea is very sunny area , but the low humidity and climate private air , make the summer there is a potential for sure. Therefore Altesfa under the sun in the Dead Sea does not carry the risk of ironing from the sun. It is nice to visit the Dead Sea in all seasons of the year , except for those looking for winter sun and warm atmosphere . Who comes from the country lane ( as the Gulf States ) may find the Dead Sea in the winter is truly refreshing . It is possible flooding in the rainy days in winter and spring . Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention while walking in tight places during those two seasons. Newsletters portend always in cases of possible exposure to flooding. Most of the restaurants found in the Dead Sea hotels and resorts , offering a variety of cuisine from the kitchen of the east and west . There are some restaurants and a few breaks outside the hotel , as well as a restaurant , " Chile House " fast food at the entrance to the Dead Sea , and a restaurant in the " Dead Sea Panoramic Complex ." All hotel restaurants have a section within the department and outside the hotel overlooking the Dead Sea and the tourists can enjoy the food and the beautiful view , a private hour sunset .. It is also the area of the Dead Sea tourist area containing Hotels & Resorts close to each other , and do not contain commercial complexes or markets abroad. There is only the possibility of shopping and shops inside the hotel and filled with goods that are suitable as gifts and souvenirs and materials therapeutic products from Dead Sea salts and mud of the sea. It also provides entertainment in hotels and resorts , including musical live shows . The Dead Sea is a tourist area with all its , mainly hotels and resorts . Add to that its beaches and tourism through therapeutic salts and Dead Sea mud . There is also the " Dead Sea Panoramic Complex " , a museum tells the story of the region with dimensions of historical and natural by displaying images of geological samples and provide a model for the civilizations that passed through the Dead Sea.

Abu Dhabi , capital of the United Arab Emirates

It's double the capital : the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates . It is also an exciting city originally being an island , and its extensions towards the mainland and surrounding islands . Being the capital of the Double They include the headquarters of the head of state , embassies and the headquarters of the emirate's ruling also . Abu Dhabi city - such as the city of Dubai - did not receive the prosperity and tranquility of oil , but turned into a city of its economy diversified , where you find the investments of the areas of economy and tourism , which has the largest proportion of the rich in the world ( more than 75,000 millionaire ) , also gives a measure " Fortune , " the title of" the richest city in the world. " Linked to Abu Dhabi Island - the largest island in the UAE - four bridges : the bridge section and Mussafah Bridge and Sheikh Zayed Bridge and the new Sheikh Khalifa Bridge . And by virtue of its composition and geographical marine overwhelmed Abu Dhabi Island parks and beaches. Came the discovery of oil in the mid- sixty years a great respite for the city that lived difficult economic situations for several domestic and international factors . It consists Emirate " antelope " of three ways Chairperson : the city of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the western part ( such as Delma Island and Sir Bani Yas and Das and signalized and Zrko ) . Abu Dhabi city is clean and quiet and the gardens abound , but it is a matter of spinning Cornischha both visited , not to mention the wealth of its markets and metropolitan and its beautiful beaches . The majority of buildings downtown are of low and high towers and skyscrapers , the most famous : Building the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Etihad Towers project towers on Reem Island and Abu Dhabi International Trade . Abu Dhabi is also preparing for a new revolution at all levels under what is called the project " the vision of Abu Dhabi 2030 " , which includes the new Khalifa City , which would ease the enormous pressure on the center of the island - the city. It is tradition handed down in Abu Dhabi camel racing and hunting hawks , equestrian and racing boats . It is a huge city and unusual and had a trip of a lifetime.

The city of Amman , capital of Jordan

Amman is the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan and the center of the province of the capital , and is the largest cities in the Kingdom in terms of area and population . It's a well-deserved mountain town , and perhaps one of the most mountainous cities in Arab countries. A variety of terrain ranging from mountain and desert. Who loves the mountains and the climate will find its goal of 20 to the summit of Mount extends down this big city , and longs for the desert air , but he does not have to travel toward the east of the city . It's commercial and administrative center of Jordan and his heart, economic, educational , where it became a rallying point for many of the Arab communities to its unique location and architecture of contemporary , also attracts a lot of tourists annually from Western Europe and North America , Japan, Australia and the neighboring Arab countries and nearby, and many of the families of the Gulf states in particular , as infested tourist attractions generally and therapeutic medical particular. Oman is a strategic point in the historical and contemporary as well. Oman is still mediated Jerusalem , Beirut and Damascus , Iraq , mood changes , according to political changes , demographic and security in the region, despite the fragility of the fabric of the population sometimes , but they always knew how to accommodate immigrants and refugees to neighboring countries . It's beautiful and rich mosaic of nationalities , religions and sects and groups . Increases the number of residents of Oman for 1.919 million people, and with suburbs 2,200,000 inhabitants ( 2010 census ) . Oman consists of 20 mountain, and rising from the sea about 750 meters . The outdated Bidya in the seven mountains, an average height of 918 meters. These are the seven mountains : Mount palaces , Jabal Al , Crown Mountain , Mount Nozha , Mount Victory , Mount clean and green mountain , all located in the eastern section of the city . And stand alongside these mountains : Jabal Amman and Jabal Al- Jabal Al Hussein and the Citadel . Oman is one of the most accelerated growth of cities in the Middle East region , with a population of more than one-third of the population of the Kingdom of Jordan. The successive civilizations and peoples on the city of Amman , and was the most important in history : the Ammonites and the Greeks , Persians, Romans , Byzantines , Arabs , Muslims and Almmlukion and Caucasians . Began life runs in Amman contemporary slowly after the migration of the Circassians in the first instance from the Caucasus in 1880 . After the migration of the Armenians were Circassians , Chechens , then it soon received the city a lot of Arabs from different regions , especially those with assets of Jordan. Disruption of official departments and banks on Friday and Saturday , as many crashes of its businesses on Thursday afternoon as well. As well as the airlines and travel agencies . And the disruption of some institutions , companies and trade shops work part of the day on Sunday. The banks open their doors from 8:30 am to noon the third . Government departments operate from 8 am to 3 pm . The Times Shopping They are flexible and vary from one place to another . In the holy month of Ramadan is not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages only for foreigners in major hotels . And prohibits smoking , eating and drinking in public places throughout the daylight hours . Many shops, banks and offices open their doors through which a little late ( 9:00 - 14) . Markets and stalls in the city center operates seven days a week and on Fridays is the most populous . The best ways to navigate within Oman is the rapid bus . Weather in Amman moderate in general , as prevailing Mediterranean climate in most areas of the capital , especially in the highlands , while some regions prevail semi-desert climate , especially in the eastern regions of them. And rising summer temperatures reach their highest levels and in the middle of August / August where sometimes up to the mid-thirties Celsius. And winter temperatures drop to reach in January sometimes to zero or below it , where it causes the snowy highlands . The moderate climate in spring and autumn . It is recommended to pay attention to these tips special operation in Amman : 1 . Concentrated acts of theft and pickpocketing ( already scarce ) in the arena of Jordan and in the Roman amphitheater ; 2 . Health insurance in Amman AoRWorld , therefore preferable to buy health insurance to cover any tourist unexpected health costs . Oman cultural identity embodied in the food we offer, which is a product of the contemporary situation that prevailed in the Jordanian capital, which is home to different nationalities . Add to that the fact that the Jordanian capital, a bridge located in the middle between Iraq and Palestine, Lebanon and Syria , combines them, in addition to the global tourism for the city. In Amman , we find Arab and oriental restaurants privilege , restaurants to eat quick , sandwiches and a variety of different types of meat , gourmet restaurants and popular , Western and Asian dishes and traditional fast food , all at affordable prices . Shopping is based in Amman on certain areas Kalsofih and Abdoun and Jabal Al Hussein , add to shopping malls such as Amman Mall , Abdoun Mall , Mecca Mall , Al Baraka Mall , Sufi Avenue , Independence Mall , Zara and City Center Mall . All of these shops offer a diversity of exhibitions and tastes and standards in the field of fashion and fashion accessories, clothing stores and traditional decor Jordanian heritage and products of traditional crafts and traditional hand-woven carpets , embroideries and pillows and wood. Add to the above list , the downtown area, the commercial availability of opportunities for shopping and clothing accessories and different formations . In terms of tourism , the city of Amman, is the most Jordanian contain activities during the hours of the day and night throughout the week and the end as well, but with varying weather, months , and so on of the reasons . As a result, the population is rising Taker recently , there is always movement in the capital are divided among the different neighborhoods and areas day and night. Events are divided between parks and shopping in Downtown or malls to buy different accessories , from clothes to gifts to books or DVD movies , going to the cinema and a children's play centers . Add to sports clubs , which includes different games ; such as swimming , soccer, horseback riding and also for cultural events and artistic presence is important if the level of annual festivals or activities continued for theaters and cultural centers and art , and even weekly it is always like , " Souk Jara " in Rainbow Street , which opens through its doors on Fridays for stalls selling many products and accessories and food, and musical performances and lyrical variety , too. Among the most prominent festivals : Festival theater Oman and Music Festival and Sufi Festival Amman Contemporary Dance .

Hurghada tourist city on the coast of the Red Sea

The town of Hurghada tourist Egyptian Red Sea coast , which is also the capital of the province of the Red Sea . The beaches and maritime activities in which the element of attraction for the many tourists who come . Hurghada away from Ras Gharib 143 km , and is located entirely on the west of the Red Sea Mountains . Hurghada is the fourth largest city in the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt , where the length of the block construction on the coast about 23 km , while the spread to no more than 4 kilometers from the inside , which indicates that the city of Hurghada know how to take advantage of all the meters from the beautiful shores of the Red Sea . Changing the depth of the coast Sahli in the city , where that is located between Hurghada Hilltin , and this affects the extension and construction of buildings in the old city center , a random urban fabric , while the urban fabric seems much better in the new neighborhoods along the coast. Naming back to Hurghada Algrdq tree , where I grew up in this city, Hurghada early twentieth century , with a population of Egyptian Bedouins in the beginning, they lived on hunting . Although the discovery of oil in the turn of the century , but the beginning of her fame and was grabbed in eighty years when I began to take hold as a city Hurghada sea diving , then accelerated the pace of its growth to become the most important tourist city in the Republic of Egypt. Approaching the population of Hurghada today than 100,000 people, some of them native Bedouins and non- Bedouins , including Egyptians , therefore, where multiple dialects , and it becomes more diverse colors and add them while nearly 40,000 other person not registered in the city and working primarily in the tourism sector . District Dahar constitute the old center of the city , and the traditional style mixed with Egyptian Balbdaoh . It also includes the popular markets , shops and fish market . The neighborhood of the scaffold is the tourist section of Hurghada , and is centered around the old harbor . A lot of hotels, stores , shopping malls , clubs and restaurants , working until after midnight . The district runs from neighborhoods north of Hurghada along the 22 -kilometer coastline until Dahar District . When the second along the coast there are a number of hotels . The charming landscape element of great attraction for tourists , along with a good climate and natural beaches . Sea waters are in the net and quiet beaches throughout the year , making it the central city in the Navy games , especially sea diving . Therefore abound offices and the state of marine diving , where you can go out to the dive trip for the entire day , where the sink in the morning and then at noon . Diving places and centered on the island of Abu Ramada and Giftaon large and Giftaon confidential. Enjoy Hurghada has a subtropical climate , peppered with mild winters and hot summers . The temperatures are in the period of January until February moderately warm , while you are in the period of November and March / March and April / May refreshing . Months of May / May and October / October Haran, and the period from June through September / September very warm .