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Luxor capital of Pharaonic Egypt

It is a city of the sun. It is the same " good " , the capital of ancient Egypt . Luxor is located on the banks of the Nile, which divides it into two parts : the mainland and the mainland east -west, was held in 1998, the first bridge linking the two banks . The town of Luxor from Cairo about 670 km and about 220 km of Aswan , and is approaching a population of half a million people , is the capital of the province of Luxor. It consists of five city of Luxor Heachat ( brigades ), and there are six cities and villages affiliates. But the severity of wealth effects of old there are those who believe that the city of Luxor contains a third of the effects of the world , while the spread monuments of Pharaonic on the brane east and west , which includes the eastern Temple of Luxor and Karnak Temple and by rams link between the temples and the Luxor Museum , and the land west fitted with Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Deir el-Bahari The Valley of the Queens and Deir el-Medina and Ramesseum and statues of Memnon . You will also find in the province a lot of attractions and entertainment , such as Mummification Museum and the Temple of Hatshepsut ( Deir Sea) . Founded city of Thebes in the reign of the fourth dynasty Pharaonic (about 2575 BC. M . ) , And was in its infancy just a dumping ground , and then later became the capital of Egypt at the age of 11 Egyptian family , and remained the capital of the state until the fall of the Egyptian Pharaohs . Desert climate is hot in the summer ( 40 degrees maximum ) and mild in the winter (25 degrees maximum ) . And is characterized by shorter Pkornischha overlooking the Nile Fadfa luster and excellence of the place , especially when crossing the tourist ships . Many mosques in Luxor , highlights include: Sheikh Mosque and the Mosque of Abu Hifni pilgrims Aksaray , while also spreading the churches , most notably the Church of the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Church and the Church of Saint George and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church . One of the attractions in Luxor large cruise ships that sail in Cruises from Cairo to Aswan. And is active in Luxor and Celta transfer Mrkzian : Taxi ( Blaunay blue and white ) and minivans ( microbus ) . The city Luxor International Airport , which receives nearly one million tourists a year . It also " infectious river ," the people of the province and the transfer of tourists to and from the eastern and western brane at nominal prices . Tourists can also enjoy riding a small private boats to navigate and the space in the middle of the Nile River . As for the shores of the Red Sea , the nearest sea ports of Luxor is the port of Safaga .

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Tourism in the United States of America

Welcome to the dreams of the country's borders space , in the land of skyscrapers and diverse cultures and rich history of events . Include the Republic of the United States 50 states 0.48 , including a contiguous , augmented by two states do not fall within this stretch , namely the state of Hawaii ( island ) and the Alaska Peninsula Arctic . The visit to the land of Uncle Sam offers unlimited tourism potential , both at the level of geography and nature , or at the level of the multiplicity of cultures and civilizations as far , in terms of the idea , a nation of immigrants . The night life in New York City , museums and breathtaking Washington , State of California symbol of freedom , and the casinos of Las Vaegah in the Nevada desert is the tip of the iceberg what awaits you in the "New World ." It does not matter in any periods in the year you choose to visit the United States , all of them promising a lot of fun and excitement ; recreation on the shores of Florida in the summer , ice skating in the winter of Colorado , or the streets of Nauerok decorated in period Christmas and many many more ...

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Marrakech Morocco

If you're looking for a refuge from the summer and the temperature in Marrakech Ststqublk the most beautiful of her time : between September / September and May / May Viii the largest city in Morocco embraces their tourists sympathy large , opening doors and markets rich colorful and overflowing in front of the delegations of international tourism , which continues to see in this city, a symbol of beautiful and as soon as the East , as seen by the Arabs and Muslims city open and smooth and receptive . In Marrakech , one of the 24 en symbols of this city , and meet all intersect with the markets of the city filled with perfumes , clothes , sweets and foods . You can pray to the yard of the mosque annihilation Taatnauloa Gastronomic delicacies and refreshing barbecue stalls scattered in the central square , and there is access to the large traditional market , which pleased the loss tracking scents and colors. In Marrakech River " Wade acyl " was built to cross the pedestrian bridge , and after the arch of the necessary access to the Majorelle Garden Gorgeous seductress full of vegetables , gardens or safety , which differ from the yellow color - brown , which dominates the city and its development . It's the same brown color that coats the wall of the old city , surrounded by 17 sections , giving the feeling of roaming in the city to walk across the thresholds of the long history of this city , which was founded in 1062 AD . Adventurers can shave in that strange balloon trips or to go to the Museum of Islamic Art to stand closely at the features of this civilization . Can lazy Almtrakhin enjoying the atmosphere is nice , to occupy a table and a chair in one of the cafes surrounding the square collector annihilation , and buy three daily newspapers ( in Arabic , French or English ) and drink tea Moroccan Local until noon, before stand up very aggressively towards a Restaurants old town meals are served traditional Moroccan template star Superior , on top of a delicious tagine . So do thousands of Europeans who bought houses here and decided to spend the rest of their days in the light of the High Atlas . Big city stretching prosperous under the feet of the Atlas Mountains , Dajh centers in the movement as befits the city that make up the Cultural Center of the State of Morocco . But to move away a little from the bustle of the busy city you can enjoy the serene calm that surrounds the graves of honorable Tombs. However , the period preferred to visit the city is months at least the heat of the summer months , however, the summer holds in this city events attractive , can compensate for the heat of summer : Festival of Folk Arts Baaszewh and Ragosaih and his representatives and Mbtala flames and coaches snakes and Sibyls , or racing " Fantasia " for horses , and most importantly : wedding season Alamlceli being in Imilchil around Marrakech , where they can reach the number of couples who will enter wedlock together into 40 pairs . Yours if: the place and time to take out the romance Mlaian diamond ring from the bottle . But whatever your plans have changed and changed and you are in Morocco , try not to leave this exciting city 3 days before your arrival. Was angry then stagecoaches drivers gathered in the large arena will Asahbok stroll around the ancient equestrian Marrakech , and probably will not find enough time to tour the beauty in the desert Alshara adjacent to the city .