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Comparison of serviced apartments in exchange for Hotels

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Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of luxury hotels and Serviced Apartments and find out which makes more sense for your next vacation, business trip or leisure trip.

When you plan a vacation or leisure trip, you may automatically think of taking your family (or just yourself) and checking into a luxury hotel. With so many holiday packages out there, it's easy to get sucked into that frame of thinking. And in the long run, you can often get the best vacation deals by going that way. Still, there are other lodging options you might wish to explore. 

Serviced Apartments, for instance, offer many modern amenities and facilities that the majority of luxury hotels do not. Serviced Apartments by www.apartotels.com provides you with fully equipped kitchens with self-catering facilities, single and double bedrooms, lounge area with pullout beds or single beds and attached toilets. You can find serviced apartments in any part of the world and will get the ultimate in privacy for your vacation. 

If you prefer to be surrounded by the busy Night Life, Shopping Centers, Museums, Clubs, Theatres, Restaurants, you can find a place of your choice and the local attractions near that Serviced Apartment or Luxury Hotel at www.apartotels.com (perhaps an apartment near Hyde Park or Bridgestreet in London and many other busiest streets of London).

What about families who travel with pets? Is a hotel or a Serviced Apartment more likely to accommodate them? Well, as far as I know, I haven't seen too many luxury hotels that appreciate even well-mannered dogs peeking out through their lobbies. On the other hand, Serviced Apartments is often the better option to choose for pet owners, because many will accept dogs and cats (with an additional deposit). Do check out at www.apartotels.com to find the serviced apartments providing the facility of keeping pets.

The last thing to be mentioned here is the overall ambiance of <a href="http://www.apartotels.com">Serviced Apartments</a> versus <a href="http://www.luxurycityhotels.com/">Luxury Hotels</a>. with Luxury Hotels, you get pretty much the same thing no matter which part of the world you visit. This can be good for those who don't like change, but if you want to stay somewhere that embraces the culture of the local area, you're more likely to find that in a Serviced Apartment. Serviced Apartments are cozier and friendlier than the starkness of most Hotel Rooms. 

Lest you think I am trying to promote Serviced Apartments over hotels, I must admit that there are a few limitations to Serviced Apartments. Firstly, finding just the right place can involve more internet research than simply booking through a website that offers travel package deals. Secondly, most Serviced Apartments don't come with housekeeping facilities. The premises will be clean when you, but don't expect anyone to come in and change your sheets every day; although a free weekly housekeeping service is available in most of the Serviced apartments. 

As you can see, there are pros and cons for both luxury hotels and Serviced Apartments, I always prefer to live in a Serviced Apartments booked through www.apartotels.com myself (among the reasons are, I really like the at-home environment, its cheap price and self-catering facilities they provide), but each have their advantages depending on your preferences. Make sure you look around and collect all information about your short stay or long stay accommodation before deciding where you want to spend your vacation. 
About Apartotels

Apartotels was established in 2004 and since then is operating over more than 3000 serviced apartments which are situated in all the important locations of London, Paris and Europe. The serviced apartments are suitable for a single person to a large family and for all type of businesses for short as well as long term stay.

Traveling with Scuba Dive Gear and Equipment

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With today’s state of air travel and airport security, scuba divers often have to decide how to travel with all their dive gear.  For those scuba divers who plan to rent all their equipment at their destination, this isn’t an issue.  However, the trend in diving has always been that as divers become more experienced with more dives logged after initial open water certifications, they tend to want to use their own equipment rather than rent.  This is especially true with masks, regulators, wetsuits and dive computers.  Avid scuba divers will often travel with their entire gear including fins and buoyancy compensators.  Of course because of weight issues, scuba divers rarely travel with tanks or weights.

I have an air integrated Oceanic scuba dive computer that I wouldn't want lost or delayed in checked luggage during my dive trips so I always carry it on with me on airplanes. I have never had any problems going through airport security. Sure, they might check my stuff because scuba dive gear looks pretty foreign to most airport security staff but that's okay as my scuba dive computer always got through. The only thing I have to be careful of is how I pack it.  On a few occasions, I had put the computer in a soft bag that also contained my regulator, another piece of my own scuba equipment that I would prefer to use rather than deal with a rental.  During travel, one of the buttons on the dive computer must have gotten accidentally depressed which activated the device.  Because of the altitude and/or pressure changes during a flight, the dive computer thought that it was going on an actual dive.  It started beeping because it didn't like the statistics it was sensing which was a bit annoying on board.  After the flight, my dive computer actually locked out for 24 hours.  It was a good thing that I didn't dive until the next day. So from now on, I always pack my scuba dive computer in a box which prevents accidental activation and then the box goes into my carry on baggage.  I also carry on my mask as well as my log book and certification cards.  I wouldn’t want to be refused for diving by a dive operator in case my checked baggage was lost so it is highly recommended to carry your log book and certification card with you. 

Everything else like my wetsuit, booties, fins, snorkel and buoyancy compensator goes into my checked baggage.  If my checked baggage is lost, stolen or delayed, I can always rent the extra equipment I need without losing any dives.  Some folks believe that one should not check in any large scuba dive bags with the dive flag displayed as it may advertise luggage containing expensive dive gear.  In this case, one can always pack a flexible scuba dive bag inside a larger regular suitcase.  So a good rule of thumb to use is to always carry on the scuba dive equipment that you can’t afford to lose or be without for your diving and check the rest.

Travel to Portugal fun sun and sand

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The Algarve is atypical sun and sand holiday destination attracting tens of thousands of Europeans every summer. Although the region has much to offer both the package holiday maker, independent traveller and, of course, golfer, many visitors to Portugal fail to get beyond the trappings of the holiday resorts and sample the real Portugal.

Outside of the Algarve, Portugal has a long and illustrious history. An independent nation since 1143, Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe and it’s location on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula dictates a long history of sea faring and discovery. A vast monumental and cultural legacy has been left for modern visitors to enjoy. The tourist information site gives an interesting and informative overview of the cultural and historic attractions of the country as well as useful guides to the regions and cities of Portugal (http://www.portugal.org/tourism/index.html ).

The capital city, Lisbon, is an ideal location for a short break and is rapidly gaining a reputation as such. A thriving and bustling mix of the old and new, Lisbon retains a respect for its historic past whilst offering the visitor the attractions and amenities that could be expected of a main European city. The city is dominated by the old port area – the departure point for explorers such as Magellan – and recent regeneration of the area is sympathetic and impressive. Lisbon comes to life at night as the locals descend on the pavement restaurants and bars creating a relaxed, sociable and informal atmosphere.

Further North and the impressive, World Heritage status city of Porto can be found. The city, of course, lends its’ name to the world famous variety of wine but the city’s baroque and Romanesque architecture leave a lasting and perhaps not as regrettable impression. Although the Algarve signs to mind when you mention beaches and Portugal, the coastal region of Minho, to the north of Porto have perhaps the most stunning beaches in the country. The area has some resorts, but these are quieter and smaller in scale to their southern counterparts and offer a quieter, perhaps more relaxed beach holiday than the Algarve.

Travelling to Portugal via, Lisbon, Porto or Faro is relatively easy from the UK with most operators offering direct flights from a range of UK airports. Internal flights are relatively inexpensive and the rail system is cheap and efficient. Portugal is a relatively small country and is negotiable by road for those looking to traverse wide areas. Car rental in Portugal is abundant – especially in Lisbon and Porto and most of the major car hire firms offer one way or return car hire in Portugal (http://www.easycar.com/car-hire/destination/Portugal.aspx/EN ).

The Algarve is an ideal family holiday destination and has many charms but Portugal as a country has much more to offer for those willing to explore a little further.

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A visit to India-The land of wilderness travel

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Travel to India, can be the most enriching experience in one’s life. It not only acquaints you with one of the first-born heritage of the globe but is also an eye opener and makes you realize how a country as diverse with inconsistency as huge as India, come together and function cohesively.

With over crawling billion inhabitants in the farmland, next only to China in the realm, India certainly altered challenges and opportunities up its sleeves. Even nonetheless the buzz in contemporary India resonates of growing and fortune, its disobedient people, disorganized road traffic, contamination, along with the rich enlightening heritage cannot be passed over.Every part of the wilderness is dissimilar, every ride a unique experience, every crossing will earn you closer to diverse population and make you value your life. Such is the mark of this nation state we know as India.

They say  Traveling makes one , We say Travel In India and you will not only get the rich national experience but also be wiser, with the infinite , and each consciousness so singular than any other you have dreamt of, Travel in India is just a changed road of life, you get hit when you experience it, there is no another way, it only comes to you when you want to be there.

A trip to India you to select from for array of experiences. Start your India travel with New Delhi, where the new and old co-exist, with rich civilizing humanity heritage to new elaborate ; the city surely provides a good tastefulness of kit to come. It is in this city that you will find the busy nightlife that provides you a window into the standard of living of not so easily come across during travels Indians. They speak voluble English, dialogue with who’s who of the voters, jet set to irrelative , group into wee hours till they are dead they are all here, screaming the same missive.We have arrived its all in and coming together in the city of New Delhi.

Not very far from Delhi ( or New Delhi as it is perfectly called) is the bordering imperial of Rajasthan. With its rich artistic heritage Forts and Palaces, luxury train rides, Heritage , Desert safaris, it a dream to live in the past and experience it like no additional position. The Luxury train, Palace on Wheels, will take you through the state-owned of Rajasthan, you in municipal of the art train luxury, no way seen before and with an fancy set aside only for those who want to travel in luxury and reminisce the extravagance of the rich and recognized in the former era. Cheaper alternatives are also available in lavishness. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, each grade with its own , so close to each extra yet offering a uncommon appealing appeal.

That’s the business nigh on India; it accommodates everyone, every low-priced, every hue and creed and sends you back in its own imprint. Such is the mark of the land we know as India.

Seldom anyone makes a trip to India and not social call Agra, the city of Taj Mahal, people’s supreme symbol of love, so pure and Herculean, just like its stone, Marble, set in white, sound, time and nature’s .As a matter of fact, Agra has much more to proposition than just Taj Mahal. No doubt TajMahal forms the lovely of all the , but the city that served as antediluvian capital of India, has lavish heritage to display. The Agra Fort, Fathepur Sikri, the a mixture of monuments and tombs are all business for people to experience the favored era of Mughal rule in India.

Even nevertheless the Golden Triangle of India Travel (comprising of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) is conceivably the most eminent tour in tourist’s Indian tour, yet there are not ever-termination options for Travel in India.

On one hand, Khajuraho calls for a trendy vacation coz of its renowned delineation of Kamasutra depicted thru directing craftsmen’s work on the temples, on the further hand Those on a psychic passage seek the situation of Haridwar/ Rishikesh and Varanasi. The ones who seek the pleasures of city life and Bollywood head to Mumbai, whereas The seashore bums turn to Goa to loosen, appreciate the song and caucus hard, and then yet again a few of us like the laid back atmosphere and head south to enjoy Kerala backwaters and its virgin beauty .And this is not even a drop of all the options available in India for travel.The just develop once you dig deeper into the places that India has to motion for tourists.

Much before you agree the question : But how do I do all this? Where can I go, How to book Hotels, How will I survive in India? Do ancestors there speak English? How do I know I am getting a pronounced deal?

At I Discover India you will be able to select the of through variety of travel sited both within and outside India. You can plan your trip, seek help or just in the region of find no matter what that you need to know or hear from a trusted workmate for that much awaited Trip to India.

Cheap Car Rental When Traveling to Other Countries

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Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, there are many reasons to rent a car when you reach your destination. While public transportation will usually take you to major tourist attractions or to the centers of large cities, relying only on trains and buses can be time-consuming. After all, you are forced to travel according to the carriers' schedules, rather than having the freedom to come and go as you please. 

Taxis, of course, are always an option - providing you don't want to travel too far off the beaten path. If you're on holiday in Spain, for example, and decide to venture over to the Spanish coast or countryside, a taxi is out of the question and public transportation won't take you where you want to go. Indeed, a car hire is the only way to ensure that you have the flexibility to see the sights on your own timetable and on your own terms.

For those who think that renting a car in another country will be impossible or cumbersome, it's time to think again. Not only is it easy to rent a car in European countries and the U.S., but it's actually easy to find discount car rentals. 

The ground rules for a car hire are basically the same across all car rental companies. For example, you typically have to be 23 years old, have a valid driver's license, and have a credit card. When you reserve a car, you normally get to choose what class of vehicle you'd like, such as compact, mid-size, full-size, or a van. However, you don't usually have the opportunity to specify make and model. Nonetheless, most car rental agencies will accommodate your wishes if they have your preferred make and model available when you pick up the vehicle. 

The choice of whether or not to purchase extra insurance can be made when you collect the rental car. Before you leave for your destination, it's important to check with your own car insurance agency and see if your coverage extends to rental cars in the country you'll be visiting. If not, it's a good idea to sign up for the extra coverage. 

If you'll be traveling to several different countries, it's important to understand the regulations of the car rental agency as they pertain to crossing borders. If you're in Europe, for example, most car rental agencies will allow you to drive to other European countries - providing you inform them that you're going to do so and that you buy extra insurance. The same holds true for a car rental in the USA; with advance notice, many agencies will allow you to, for example, take the car to Canada.

With all of the advantages to using a car hire while you're traveling, the one sticking point is whether or not you'll be able to find a cheap car rental. The best approach is to search online for a company that works with many different car rental agencies; they will have up-to-date information on availability, and can search for the best price available for the dates you desire. Because these online sources book so many reservations, they are able to negotiate bargain basement prices so that a traveler can find the cheap car rental that will make their holiday or business trip convenient and worry-free.

Travel, Flights, Holidays, Vacations

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Almost anyone will probably agree that in a perfect world they'd be able to travel more. It is one of the most natural human desires to want to see different parts of the world and experience new things. And anyone who has traveled will probably agree that you don't really appreciate or think about your home too much until you have the perspective of seeing how people live in other parts of the world, so this can be easier with cheap flights.

The problem of course, is that travel has always been expensive. Although airfares have gotten cheaper over the years, they are still expensive enough that most people don't fly regularly, and this is likely to remain the case. So unless you plan on suddenly getting rich, you're going to have to come up with some discount travel solutions if you want to fly more, and a great thing to look into if you're looking for a cheap flight are charter flights.

<b>Charter flights</b> are cheaper because they work on a different system than a started airline flight. A standard airline will have a set route between two cites: an airline will fly a certain amount a times a week between two cities, and this remains constant regardless of the amount of passengers. In other words normal airline routes function like bus routes, and sometimes there may only be a few people on the plane. It is this need to average out costs - to be able to afford all those times when the plane is a third full - that leads to high airfares.

A charter company can offer cheaper fares by working in a different fashion: they will charter an entire plane from an airline for a particular date and time, and thus receive a heavy discount on the cost. They can then pass some of this discount on to you by offering a lower per seat price for the flight. Most charter companies operate along very common routes during peak times - for example, sunny vacation spots during the winter.

Charter flights are much more reliable then other more radical ways of obtaining discount airfare, and fares will generally get cheaper as the departure date approaches. There is a certain amount of risk, however: a charter company can decide to cancel a flight if they haven't sold enough tickets. Unlike a regular airline, which constantly has planes going to multiple destinations, the charter company may not be able o immediately put you on another plane. So instead of waiting a few hours it's likely that if your charter flight is canceled you'll either be receiving a refund, or waiting at least a day or two for another charter - which of course can ruin any vacation.

That being said, there are many large and reliable charter companies, and charter flights — while not offering discounts as big as can be found through other discount travel methods - remain a reliable alternative to regular airfare. And if you're flexible and willing to buy a ticket on short notice, you can find many excellent airfares from charter companies, making charter flights one of the more popular discount traveling methods.

Discount Travel Adjust Your Eating Habits

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Traveling, as many of us are no doubt aware, is one of the most enjoyable things one can do. It allows us to expand our horizons, to see how people live in other parts of the world, and to experience new things. The problem, of course, is that traveling is one of the more expensive hobbies one can have, and unless you're fairly well off you have to look into discount travel methods in order to travel regularly.

When you're looking for discount travel solutions, one of the great tools at your disposal is to adjust your eating habits. Besides the cost of getting to your destination and accommodation, food is going to be one of the biggest expenses on your trip. If you eat out at restaurants a lot, or dine mostly in your hotel, you'll likely be surprised out how quickly food eats into your travel budget.

So a smart idea in terms of discount travel is to get in the habit of eating local food, and buying fresh food at markets as opposed to constantly dining out. For example, if you're out for a day trip, stop by a supermarket and buy some healthy fresh food that you can eat on the go, so you don't have to stop at a restaurant for lunch. In many countries you'll notice a much bigger discrepancy between the prices of fresh food and the prices of meals in restaurants then exists here in North America, so taking advantage of this can save you a lot of money.

Of course, it's not expected that you spend your entire trip eating fruit and bread while sitting on a bus - part of an enjoyable traveling experience is in dining out. When you do dine out, however, eat in the places where locals eat - you see that it's radically cheaper. Depending where you are, a significant premium will be placed on North American-style food. If you're willing to put aside a desire for the food that reminds you of home, your trip will be much cheaper over the long term.

Besides being advantageous in terms of discount travel, eating at local restaurants will provide you with a broader cultural experience. You'll get to try new things you'd never be able to try at home. Plus, there's a good chance that a foreign country's interpretation of American food will be poor, so you'll probably be getting better food as well when you eat locally.

In general, avoid restaurants in touristy areas, or ones that serve things that are a radical departure from local cuisine. Remember, especially when traveling in a second world country, that the locals have much less money, relatively, then you do, so any place that they choose to dine in you're likely to find extremely affordable.

So put your desire for a burger and fries to rest - there will be plenty of that when you get home - and experience some local culinary delights. By doing this you will not only discover some new things, you'll be saving money that can be spent on more interesting things during your trip.

How To Get The Best Room Rates In Vegas Hotels

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Cheap Discount Vegas Vacations?

When people think of Vegas they think of spending money and gambling.

The thing is that you don't need to spend a fortune planning a Las Vegas vacation.

Here are a few best kept travel secrets for finding the best room rates and cheap hotels in Vegas.

Plan your Las Vegas trip during the week rather than weekends.  Decide how long you want to stay in Vegas for.

Many hotels offer lower room rates the longer you stay.  Many of the downtown casinos and hotels are cheaper than accommodation on the Strip.

Look into hotels that are not on Las Vegas Boulevard.  They have bargain room rates.

If you are staying for a week then ask what the weekly room rate is.    Plan your Vegas trip well ahead to get the best rates.  Most Vegas hotels have an incredible 90 percent occupancy rate.  An incredible 63 percent of Las Vegas visitors book at least two weeks in advance.

Look out for hotels offering a free night if you stay for three or more nights in Vegas.  Book your hotel on an airline website.

Download Travel Axe where you can search around 20 websites to help you find the cheapest Vegas deals.

TIP:  If you call the hotel with your Travel Axe deal they will usually try and beat their offer.  Check to see if your planned trip coincides with any major conventions or popular events, etc, on at the same time.  If a convention is on at the same time it could be impossible to find a room.

Some conventions have attendees of more than 50,000.

Here are some conventions and popular events to look out for:

January - Consumer Electronics Show   
February - Men’s Apparel Guild in California (MAGIC)   
March - NASCAR   
April - National Association of Broadcasters, World Series Poker, Clark County Fair and Rodeo, Fremont Street Mardi Gras, City of Light Jazz Festival   
May - Networld + Interop (high-tech), EA Sports Supercross, Cinco de Mayo, Summer Jam, Stars, Cars & Guitars Motorhead Festival, Jazz in the Park   
June - Jazz Festival, International Truck Show   
July - Fourth of July Fireworks 
August - MAGIC, Newport Pacific Jazz Festival   
November - Softbank Comdex (software and high-tech)   
December - National Finals Rodeo

It's a good idea to contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (3150 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89109, PHONE: 702/892-0711, FAX: 702/892-2824) to find out who or what will be in town at the time you're planning to visit.

It is possible to plan a cheap, discount Las Vegas vacation that will cost you next to nothing.  Everything from cheap hotels, cheap airfares, cheap car rental.  By spending a little time improving your knowledge about your Vegas vacation destination you can end up saving hundreds on your trip - and having more money to burn.

What are you waiting for?  Sin City is calling you!

What Rates And Facilities You Should Expect From Dubai Hotels

Traveling to Dubai from across the Arabian sea can be a rewarding experience. Many people have discovered this fascinating aspect in the last several decades and many more will continue doing the same in the years to follow. With so much of tourism headed towards Dubai, it was but logical for so many of the 5 star hotels to have got a foothold here. However, before planning out your next vacation to this part of the world, you should know what options you could choose from various hotel offers. Luxurious stay could be one of the options, only if your budget allows you to meet with the challenges lying ahead. There are so many low-end hotels on the other hand, that not only offer world class accommodation but also do so at a fairly reduced price.

Let us get some basic ideas of the rates and facilities normally these hotels would offer to any of their clients. We start by getting an overview of one of the most famous names in expensive staying, "Jumeirah Beach Hotel". This wonderfully constructed seashore landmark of Dubai is one of the best of its kind and highly expensive in the entire world. Its fascinating architecture matches well with the level of Arabian warmth they are known to offer their services with. With facilities such as a health spa, swimming pools, golf driving range, tennis courts, a private beach, and a featured unlimited access to Wild Wadi Park, the "Jumeriah Beach Hotel" facility is probably one of the best places to be visited on the planet by any traveller. However, at $811 per suite per night rate, it is also one of the most expensive ones and unsuitable for the normal kind of holidaying.

There are more affordable options on the other hand, that most of the usual visitors would like to have a look on. One among many such names is the 4 star facility named "One&Only Royal Mirage". This hotel offers a highly world class care and accommodation at a fairly reduced price of $280 per night's stay. The facility "One&Only Royal Mirage" is located in Jumeira Beach, just twenty minutes away from the airport. This place is the perfect example for describing how non-expensive hotels in Dubai were not necessarily ordinary. Every single room in this hotel provides a wonderful ocean view. An exclusive beach, themed bar, croquet lawn, tennis courts, and other services are what characterize this place as one meant for people who demand the highest standards, at affordable rates.

Following down the line are cheap Dubai hotels that many of the visitors would be looking forward to having some information about. "Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach & Resort Marina", is one such 3 star hotel, that carries highly concessional rates, but offers rooms and services worthy of being called that of Dubai's status. The most noticeable feature of cheap Dubai hotels is their outstanding locations. One such example lies within the Meridien Mina Seyahi, which is just a few minutes away from the Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta. It offers services such as: a health club, gym, steam room, kids club, sauna, aerobics etc. And all this fabulous booty starting at an amazingly low rate of $43 per night's stay.

These three examples are just the tip of an iceberg, Dubai's cheap and 5 star hotels could be described as. There is a vast range of information available these days online that you could easily have an access to and make use of to get your online bookings carried out. Just keep in mind while planning out your next visit to "The Jewel of the Sea", the 5 star hotels of Dubai are one in many but not the only one option. You could try out different places for your staying demands, and go back home with marvelous traveling tales.

Hotel Rates Abroad on Internet

Luckily for the web-savvy traveler, it’s easier than ever to find cheap hotel rates abroad, in many different countries, if you know how to take advantage of online booking through companies that offer discounted prices to their customers over the Internet.

The web makes it easy to shop around, so you can purchase a hotel room for the lowest price possible. Because many hotels now operate through websites that find you the best travel deals, it’s definitely possible to compare prices offered by the various hotels and take advantage of the competition between establishments.

Searching for hotel deals on the web is a great way to evaluate prices and learn what’s available at any given moment, but often you can even use the Internet to book directly, through the hotel you’re interested in. The hotel’s own website can make your life much easier and may offer a discount because you’re skipping the middleman to purchase a room right from the source.

Online sales tend to be cheaper all around because they offer good deals to people who are willing to plan ahead and book long before they plan to travel. You beat the crowd and get in ahead of the game before rooms are few and far between. When hotels are guaranteed a certain amount of bookings for the season, they can provide competitive prices.

But the reverse can also work to your advantage. If certain hotels have last-minute cancellations or availabilities, and you’re ready and willing to hop on a plane and travel almost on the spot, you can grab fantastic rates as well because hoteliers want to fill up rooms rather than leave them empty, without any paying occupants.

Online booking can save you big bucks once you arrive at your destination as well. During tourist season, expecting to walk off the street and find a room for a reasonable rate is only going to disappoint you. You either won’t be able to find a room at all, or it will be much too expensive.

If a hotel has rooms ready to go, they will be reserved for online sales. So if you are a last-minute kind of person, don’t even bother to try visiting an establishment in person to find a room. Instead, locate the nearest Internet connection and book the room online! Not only will you get a really good price - you’ll actually get a room. Sometimes you can get a discount hotel room for only $60 per night, in a 3 or 4 star building!

When booking online, you’ll have to provide your credit card number over the Internet, but it won’t be charged right away. Your credit card is used to hold your reservation until you arrive and check in, at which time you can pay using any method you prefer.

Nowadays there are tons of quality travel websites that let you book hotel rooms at discount prices in worldwide destinations. Many of these companies also offer virtual hotel tours, list facilities available in the rooms, and even provide hotel reservation tips.

Online booking boasts many benefits you can’t enjoy when making reservations via the traditional route, in addition to the money-saving side of things. For instance, an online reservation website may have hundreds of hotel listings so you can choose from a wide range of hotels, room sizes, and amenities.

And these sites usually give you access to additional hotel discounts, special offers, combination deals, and hotel events, making it easy to put together an affordable package of discounts. The whole process usually goes very quickly and smoothly.

But make sure you don’t choose just any hotel, based solely on the pictures provided online, and the low price. The one disadvantage of online shopping is the inability to determine whether or not a hotel really is clean, safe, and worth the price. As with any major purchase you make, research the hotel you’re considering before committing to a booking – read reviews from fellow travelers who have stayed at the same place and look through unbiased opinions on the hotel from various sources. Many websites offer information from other globetrotters that will help you determine whether or not a particular lodging is acceptable or should be nixed off your list of potential accommodations.

Anytime you book discount hotel rooms online, make sure you read the fine print: check if the rates change for an extra person, and if breakfast, parking facilities, and hotel shuttle services are part of the deal. Read the hotel’s cancellation policy to know what you’re getting into when you book and determine if there are any special added rates you need to look out for.

With this knowledge in hand, you should never have to pay full price for a hotel room again. The Internet offers the experienced traveler an excellent opportunity to enjoy a great vacation for less – if you’re willing to give it a try.